In 1984, Michel and Jocelyne Soutiran, founders of Sparflex, have discovered that the packaging does not respond only to the criteria of protection, conservation and safety, but the most important should be the expression of the brand. Today, Sparflex proposes a design/creation service to its customers, and produces high end foils and wirehoods for Champagne and Sparkling Wines.


Linea is a design agency specialized in the packaging of wines and spirits and the development of visual identities. Linea has participated in many development projects and worked with major beverage groups. Nowadays, Linea is an agency with an international reputation, offering an expert vision of the markets, a modern and passionate approach to packaging design.


Operating from Cognac since 1865, Lithobru is specialized printer of packaging for Premium brands of wines and spirits; adhesive and wet glue labels, cases, boxes and tubes. Offset printing with hot stamping, embossing, varnishing and UV, Lithobru offers an unlimited number of possibilities.